Teacher’s Daily Journal (Required of Elementary & Middle School Teachers - Optional for High School Teachers)

On a Word document please address the any of the following prompts based on your daily teaching activities and preparation. Your answers can be short, or they can be as detailed as you deem necessary. Please do not share specific student names when describing events. Save the document to your Dropbox Folder using the following code:

Last name_Grade level_Todays Date
(ie: Linskens_Grade 1_November 25)

Lesson Planning:
  • How much time did you spend planning for today’s lesson(s)?
  • If you used an iPad, how did you use the iPad to assist in your planning?
  • Did you find using the iPad effective in planning, if so, how?
  • What applications or features of the iPad did you use in planning your lesson?
  • If you didn’t use an iPad, what resources did you use to help you plan today’s lesson?
  • Did you have any struggles or difficulties in using the iPad / not using the iPad in planning for your lesson(s)?

Lesson Delivery:
  • Did you use the iPad to help you deliver the lesson? If so, how?
  • Do you think the lesson was more effective with / without the iPad?
  • Did you students use the iPads during the lesson? If so, what did they do with the iPads?
  • Were there any struggles or difficulties in using the iPad(s)? If so, what?
  • In your opinion, what successes did you observe in using the iPad for the lesson?
  • If you did not have an iPad, or your students did not use an iPad, what success or struggles did you encounter during the lesson?
  • Do you think an iPad would help or hinder the lesson you taught today? Why?